I hadn’t heard about Comedy Central’s new sketch comedy show Stella until I read TV Squad. Stella is a 3-man comedy troupe consisting of former members of MTV’s The State. and now they’ve got an eponymous TV show. Turns out Stella, the show, had a premiere of sorts online last night – you can still watch the first episode commercial free (sponsored by Sierra Mist). is hosting a ton of their video “shorts” as well.

This is an awesome move! I’ve now digested enough Stella content to make me sick. The show seems really funny and the buzz is growing. A free episode and advance clips are only making the wait until premiere that much worse. I’m setting the TiVo right now.

Other shows have taken similar tacts, but not to this effect. The nature of the show and the helpfulness (it would seem) of the creators is a perfect fit. Kudos, Stella and Comedy Central!

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