Shameless plug for Oceanic Airlines Flight 815

Hello readers of the “Creating Passionate Users”blog. I’ve taken the gauntlet of Kathy Sierra’s free-range post and trackbacked that entry. I hope you enjoy my discussion of the ABC show Lost and their viral marketing efforts. If not, I’ve got other posts you can read. Check me out and don’t feel shy about subscribing to my feed.

I love the TV show Lost. So much so that a few weeks ago I posted ad nauseum about the Lost teaser site Oceanic Airlines []. The post, which contains spoilers, easter eggs, numerous updates and more information than the vast majority of the drivel I write, is a runaway hit. I’m a top-10 hit for the terms “oceanic flight 815“, “oceanic airlines” and “oceanic air lines“on Google.

What does this have to do with creating passionate users? The producers of Lost have a hit on their hands. I hit for it’s suspense, intrigue and creativeness. Their viral site (and my, along with many others, blogging of the site) have made the second season appointment viewing for many people. Plus, a passive, relaxing task for me (watching TV) collided with my more active pass-time (blogging) and is now bringing more people, more clicks and more money my way.

In short, I’ve become a passionate user (fan? viewer?) of Lost and I have my own site and their viral site to thank, in part, for that passion. Now, hopefully, a few more people will see that post and my pagerank, AdSense revenue and search ranking will rise. Is it too much to ask that I get to number one? Only time will tell.

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