I palm, you palm, napalm?

Disturbing news out of the United Kingdom indicates that the United States has used Napalm in Iraq and deceived the British government of this use. To be clear, the ordnance used in these surreptitious bombings was the MK-77, a fire-bomb descendent of Vietnam-era napalm bombs. Still, the payload they deliver is the same napalm used in the Korean, Vietnam and first Gulf wars.

But why lie? Why would our government not disclose the fact that these bombs were dropped to our closest ally? What do we have to hide? If we’re callous enough to continue using them, why are we shielding people from the truth?

If the underlying goal of our war in Iraq, and the war on terror, is to win the hearts and minds of our enemies then we seem to be doing everything in our power to fail. Lying to your allies and using weapons that are seen by the world community as barbaric isn’t an intelligent way to win a PR offensive or a war. Turns out the only WMD in Iraq were the ones we dropped.

The Heretik and Freiheit und Wissen have more.

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