Jeff Jarvis Fisked!

I like Jeff Jarvis of, I really do. His opinions on the state of media and his blog triumphalism coincide nicely with my own views. I can even respect his centrist stance on most other political questions of the day. But recently, Jeff screwed the pooch in a big way. His meandering, apologist post concerning the Downing Street Memos was a new low.

I could waste pixels and bandwidth here decrying him, but Martini Republic does a far better job. Needless to say, I’ve treated him to the worst punishment a blogger can endure – I’ve unsubscribed from his feed. If the only capital bloggers have is their credibility, Jarvis has just spent all of his. I wasn’t expecting an epiphany on his part but an introspective mea culpa was in order. At the very least he had a prime opportunity to discuss blogs pushing the agenda of the MSM and he ignored it. Instead we got dreck and I’m unwilling to excuse it.

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