The Osama Clock

Spurred on by Oliver Willis’ post on Friday, concerning the number of days that have passed since 9/11, I thought I’d write a nifty little clock script. You can visit the “Osama Clock” and see just how much time has passed since that horrific date and ponder why Al Qaeda’s murderous leader hasn’t been brought to justice yet. It’s an automatically-updating reminder of just how much this President has taken his eye of the ball and squandered the good will of that tragic day.

If Porter Goss knows where Osama is, then he needs to capture him.

If Dick Cheney knows that the Iraqi insurgency is in it’s last throes, then we can put more energy into stopping terrorism as oppossed to our nebulous endeavors in Iraq.

If President Bush thinks that we’re either with him or against him, isn’t he facing a huge crisis of cognitive dissonance for failing the American people so miserably at finding the man who bears all the responsibility of the greatest attack on Americans? He’s against himself, for Christ’s sake!

I say let them watch the clock. We all need to watch the clock. Every day that is added to it’s tally without the war on terror progressing or Osama bin Laden being captured is a dark day. A day when our soldiers die in Iraq when they could be hunting Osama and rooting out Al Qaeda.

Sleep well, Mr. Bush. Tomorrow is just another day added to the clock.

UPDATE: Here’s the php script for those of you who want to do something similar on your own site:

< ?
function days_elapsed($time /* feel free to use mktime() to generate a timestamp*/)
if (!(is_int($time) && strlen($time) == 11))
{ // Let's say this is an unneeded feature.
$time = strtotime($time);
$diff_date = time() - $time;
$more_than_year = date('Y', $diff_date) - 1970; // Hack for non negative timestamps.
$years = ($more_than_year >= 0) ? $more_than_year : '';
return $years * 365 + date('z', $diff_date);

echo 'September 11, 2001 was '.days_elapsed('11 Sep 2001') . "\n";

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