Podcast Props

Huge props, podcast props, to my friend and co-worker Bill. His excellent Push the Podcast just keeps getting better and better. Focused, topical, cool music, good production and nice schedule: he’s already got 5 episodes to my 2. Good on ya, Bill – I really love your rants, raves and non sequiters.

Bill mentions another podcast, Pauly Shore’s Minding the Store Podcast [direct link] [rss], that he was gracious enough to produce during my vacation. I’m jealous that he got to meet Pauly in person, though. I think the he did a wonderful job creating a compelling audio show that really brings out the humor and tone of Pauly and the show. Check it out (my paycheck depends on it)!

So there you go, just some brief props for two excellent podcasts helmed by Bill. Plus, he gave out the kudos for my recent SNL post, so I’m sharing the love.

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