Monday Memes

I’ve already posted about Logogle, so I’ll combine two remaining memes into one post for your convenience. One is fun, the other funny. You can decide how to divvy up the descriptors.

Sam, World’s Ugliest Dog. So frightening and appaling you’ll think you’ve wandered into an Evil Dead movie. This is what I imagine Tom Savini’s dog to look like.

Sit. Stay. Good Sam.

Sam, World's Ugliest Dog

Secondly, we have Sugar Crash, a flash game so sugary sweet you’ll get a toothache. Sorry for that. Just play the game – a weird take on Breakout, co-mingled with a Spumco cartoon – and enjoy yourself. Be prepared to brush and floss after. Sorry, again; I couldn’t resist.

Sugar Crash

Added bonus not enumerated in the first paragraph: CNET’s Top 10 Web fads

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