The $750.00 cat

Our eldest cat is diabetic. He requires 6 units of insulin twice daily. Insulin that I am solely respsonsible for providing. Insulin I neglected to administer for most of this week.

Now Desmond, our diabetic and ailing cat, is spending the night under the watchful eye of an emergency vet.

He needs fluids to cure his dehydration.
He needs insulin to regulate his blood sugar.
He needs antibiotics to ward off potential infection.
He needs love, especially from me.

I’m riddled with guilt that I didn’t tell Jenn we’d run out of syringes because I didn’t want to fight. Now Desi is fighting for his very life and I’m to blame. My efforts to avoid responsibility, confrontation and strife have netted me nothing but pain.

I hate to be melodramatic, but we had to let the vet know that we wanted a DNR if Desmond doesn’t get better.

Please keep my sick cat in your thoughts late tonight and tomorrow. He’s paying for my mistake and I’m hopeful he’ll get better soon.

UPDATE: Desmond is slowly recovering, albeit still at the Vet’s office, but we’re out some more cash. Grand total will likely be around $1k and that’s before we take him to our family vet tomorrow for continued care. My hope is that there isn’t any long-term liver or kidney damage and that we can continue to successfully treat his diabetes with insulin. Only time will tell.

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