So last night my employer, TBS, showed the classic action/horror movie Aliens as a part of TBS Movie Extra. Jenn and I were tired from a busy week, so we only watched the first 45 minutes, but it whet my appetite for more Ripley heroics, facehugger screams and alien attacks.

I wanted so much to finish watching the movie, I brough in the Special Edition DVD to work today. I’m watching it as I type, geeking out to the additional scenes (Newt’s parents finding the derelict craft and her father becoming the first “infected” colonist.)

The space effects might seem a little dated, but 19 years later this is still and exciting, scary movie. I first saw it in 1987, the year we moved into our house in Marietta, on HBO late at night. I couldn’t sleep for the rest of that weekend.

I still get that same tweenage excitement every time I hear the main theme, the sound of the Colonial Marines machine gun fire, or see one of the H.R. Giger-designed aliens.

Good times.

And I still quote Bill Paxton’s character Hudson whenever I can, be it on a rollercoaster:

“We’re on an express elevator to hell – going down!”

Or during a blowout sporting event:

“*Seventeen days?* Hey man, I don’t wanna rain on your parade, but we’re not gonna last seventeen hours!”

UPDATE: I just remembered that my brothers and my dad would always mention the fact that Ripley uses duct tape before her final confrontation with the Queen alien on LV-426. I guess duct tape is one piece of technology that never gets old.

UPDATE II: Another great Hudson quote, concerning Paul Reiser’s slimy character Burke:

“I say we grease this rat-fuck, son-of-a-bitch right now.”

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  1. Don’t forget “Game over man!” and “There’s movement all over the place!”. I had an Aliens wad file for Doom back in the day that had those sounds clips. The Cyber Demon was the mother Alien, pretty fun.

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