No rest for the traffic-obsessed

The traffic-obsessed in the post title would be me. The no rest would be accurate. I’m always looking for another blog traffic tool or ranking system to make me feel like a small-to-medium fish in a growing pond.

It seems everyone is on the list tip, especially Weblogs Inc.’s Jason Calacanis.

His own world-famous, media CEO-blogger Mark Cuban takes a different tact with his blog search engine, IceRocket.

Others, like former Call for Help host Chris Pirillo, think these kind of lists suck.

Metroblogging founder Sean Bonner wants the biggest list of “1,000,000 mediocre and some-what-interesting blogs“.

Me, I’ve just found two new ways to frustrate yourself concerning my blog’s traffic:

Part Statcounter, part MyBlogLog, both of which I already use. Hey, it’s free.

A bare-bones Alexa search, complete with cool graphics, trends and Google PageRank.

Do you have a similar addiction, checking your Technorati rank on a daily basis? What tools/sites do you use to feed your statistics demon?

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