Another game post

Given my recent predilection for posting about the Flash games I find on the internets, I thought I’d mention a truly great Flash game blog, jay is games. JBibby is an RIT graduate student in Game design/development and his blog features a new, cool flash game every day. He’s even done walkthroughs, reviews and strategy guides for some of the more robust and popular games.

Here are three of his more recent entries, which are all stellar games:

Domino Pressure: [Game] [Entry]
A nifty game where you knock over dominos in an attempt to squash a tomato. Pick the path that uses all the dominos (or the most you can manage) for extra bonuses.

My Diamond Baby: [Game] [Entry]
One of those “trapped in a strange room” games. I love ’em.

La Pièce: [Game] [Entry]
I love those “trapped in a strange room” games so much I’ve linked to another one.

Not satisfied with just these three games? Here are a few other stray links:

Pâte à Son
A “sound toy” that features pipes. Trust me, it’s really cool.

Fulanoduto is Pâte à Son’s Brazillian clone that features water instead of music.

There’s also a train incarnation of this game.

Plus, here’s one last game JBibby featured, Shootin’ Starz: [Game] [Entry]
Use your keyboard to set off shooting stars just like they were fireworks.

Have fun!

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