Librarians, roll for initiative!

If anyone reading this blog understands the reference in the post title, you’ve no doubt got a d20 in hand and are fast-searching for a dog-eared copy of The Player’s Handbook. For everyone else, you’ll just have to pardon our geek-out because Wizards of the Coast is sponsoring after-school D&D programs in public libaries.

I got the news from Wil, who got it from BoingBoing, but no matter where I got it, my inner twelve-year-old is readying a bastard sword of my imagination to destroy a sweaty-toothed Orc.

My only complaint is “where was this program when I was a kid?” I spent so many Mountain Dew/Coke/Candy-fueled late nights playing D&D with my outcast, fellow band-geek friends, that this really does warm my heart. Too sappy? You try being an outcast, punk!

Since everyone seems to be block-quoting the main passage of the FAQ, I will too:

The Afternoon Adventure with DUNGEONS & DRAGONS program will include everything librarians need to start regular gaming programs in their library with the original pen-and-paper roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons (D&D for short). Players assume the persona of fantasy characters and pursue magical adventures, confronting and solving problems using strategic thinking and teamwork. For three decades, D&D has appealed to an ever-increasing population of fans for its use of imagination and storytelling over competition. This free program will include a Dungeons & Dragons Basic Game (a $24.99 value), instructions for starting a D&D group in the library, a guide to using D&D as an introduction to library use, recommended reading lists, and other practical resources.

Ah, roleplaying. I’ll agree with Wil and hope upon hope that someone of a religious bent doesn’t screw this up for kids. D&D taught me more about teamwork, imagination and friendship than all of my other high school experiences (save marching band). More power to Wizards of the Coast for turning the library into another venue for the game.

Oh, and as yet another aside, I think this post sets a new record for hyphenation. I count seven.

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