Yesterday I went searching for a way to integrate my links into the sidebar of the blog. Today I have a fully-implemented, successful solution: cached.

I wanted to use Eric Anderson’s Integrator for WordPress, but I couldn’t get it to work properly. I kept getting the following error.

An error occurred while accessing your links. Please verify that your username and password are correct. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Only problem is, I made sure I confirmed my username & password, having email it to me. I also changed my password to no avail.

So, I’ve got Wasabi’s plugin up and running at the bottom of the sidebar and on a content page, for those who want to check in from a more central locale.

If you’re too old school for all that, just go to and see the full list.


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  1. I have different way to integrate my to the sidebar of my blog. I use the free service of Just paste the XML file of to and you will get a PHP code. By attaching the PHP code to your sidebar, you will get your Delicious link. It is easy.

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