Blog Day 2005

Today is Blog Day 2005 and in accordance with the rules, I’m posting links or recommendation to 5 new and interesting blogs, that I’ve either recently discovered or perhaps not shared enough “linklove” in the past.

Tiki Bar TV
Tiki Bar TV is a video podcast (vlog? vodcast? vlogcast?) that incorporates a swinin’ tiki bar set, a doctor, a gorgeous gal and an Aloha-shirt-wearin’ bartender. Oh, and they mix drinks, with recipes, for your edification, enjoyment and future imbibement.

From their site:

I am a show made by sophisticated misfits in someone’s bachelor pad. An apartment turned into a bar; no need to ever leave. There is a strange van parked outside that I think is the FCC. We’re not coming out without a fight.

Kate’s Ramblings and Wanderings
Kate is a very cool blogger who has recently joined my group blog, Blogging Harry Potter, as an author.

The Will To Rock
The official blog of the rock band, OK Go. Their new album, Oh No, hit stores yesterday. Great the a band is doing this. They also have a podcast.

Life Student
Run by Halcyon, a self-described digital explorer and sex activist. He is one half of the DIY erotic duo, Pinkgasm along with his partner Tassy Pink. Influenced heavily by Burning Man, blogging and tripod video, the two of them combined make for an interesting read. They also both use Flickr [halcyon] [tassy].

Bicycle Sidewalk
The best vlog on all the internets. My cousin Nathan and all his Japanese adventures.


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