Gas Gouged

So gas prices in the Atlanta area are way up because of pipeline disruptions in Mississippi and Louisiana, effects of Hurricane Katrina. At my local Shell station in Smyrna, this was the tale of the tape this evening:

$3.899 per gallon
15.506 gallons pumped
$60.46 total price paid

It’s times like these I’m glad Jenn and I (and Raelyn) commute to work together.

Jenn is out tonight at a work function, but she had to gas up the Camry in Midtown. I’ll update later with her information and compare who got the worst of it.

Check out Atlanta Gas Prices to keep up with the lunacy.

2 thoughts on “Gas Gouged

  1. Sistawife says:

    Oh, just discovered you & cluetrain, what should I do with all these blogging options I had no idea existed? Hmmmmft.
    I’ll be reading your entries to be sure…
    I use, this is like a candy store you’ve introduced me to! Thanks!

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