Crest White Strips Premium Plus

Jenn went first.

She purchased a 7-day supply of Crest White Strips Premium last week and after 3 days so the “results” promised during that period. A brighter, whiter smile. More confidence. Better gas mileage. The whole nine yards.

So now I’m on the hook. My teeth are far more yellow and far less straight than Jenn’s, the product of my rebellion against the retainer. I wore my braces 4 Goddamn years, I was gonna be damned if I had some other piece of metal in my craw for 2 more. Plus, I’m “blessed” with some kind of tooth-stained gene – none of my Miller relatives have pearly whites, more like moldy bread (yuck!).

Crest White Strips Premium Plus was the clear choice for me. A 10-day regimen of even stronger teeth-whiteners, bleaches and general buffing/shining compounds that would make my smile beam like the brightest lighthouse. Or words to that effect.

So I’m 3 treatments (1 1/2 days) into the deal and it’s working OK. I’ve had some minor tooth/root sensitivity but the process is still relatively painless. 30 minutes twice daily. If I put the same kind of effort into my exercise routine, I’d still be wearing 36 jeans.

Oh well. More to report, and hopefully show on Flickr, when I’ve got a Hollywood starlet set of choppers.

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