Like many of my blogging brethren on the internet, I’ve become enamored recently of the just-announced/released technology Flock and it’s wunderkind developer CEO, Bart Decrem.

I’m still on the waiting list to become one of the “few lucky folks” who get to participate in the private beta. I’m not gonna hold my breath since the list stood at 15,000 people as of last Thursday, but I can hope.

Flock, for those not in the know, is a “social browsing experience” built upon the Firefox browser. Built by a team of former Mozilla Foundation folks, it’s designed to integrate seamlessly with all those buzzworthy, web 2.0 services like Flickr, del.ico.us and Technorati. More info in this Wired article.

So there it is. I’m playing the waiting game just like you, and ham-fistedly banging away at the latest meme du jour.

C’est la vie!

UPDATE: Per Chris, a developer at Flock, in the comments: Bart is the CEO and not a developer himself. Thanks for the clarification, Chris.

2 thoughts on “Flocked

  1. Just a point of clarification: Bart is our CEO, and not a developer. In fact, he hasn’t touched a line of code in Flock to the best of my knowledge…! But he is our fearless leader and driving us to be bigger and better all the time. 😉

    And just you wait — you’ll be very happy when you see this thing land in October.

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