Georgia vs Tennessee

I’ve really been a good little pup this afternoon, sitting quietly and enjoying this conference game while Raelyn naps.

Jenn is off seeing a movie with her Mom.

I’m sitting on the couch drinking beer and being very respectful of the 10-point halftime lead.

Yes, the 10-0 score could be better for UGA (14-0 if Pope runs that rout one yard deeper).

Yes, the 10-0 score could be worse for UGA (10-7 or 10-3 if Clausen doesn’t airmail that redzone pass and then throw the INT).

If you’d have told me yesterday that Tennessee’s best secondary defender would be injured and my Dawgs would be up by 10 at half, I’d have been smiling.

Good news is, I’m smiling right now. 🙂

More football to come, but I’m very pleased and not at all cocky going into the second half.

I’ll update with my thoughts after halftime.


UPDATE: I’m still a very happy man.

Game balls to DeMario Minter for his first interception, Thomas Flowers for that great punt return for a TD, Thomas Brown for his consistent running, and Quentin Moses for outshining the vaunted Tennessee defensive lineman (and beating the very good Tennessee offensive line).

Shockley could have played better, his numbers were very similary to Clausen’s. Both had an interception and a fumble. Clausen’s TD, though, was meaningless and costly. It looked to me like he got hurt.

In any event, I’ll take a flawed but defensively intense victory any day of the week.


UPDATE II: The more I think about it, the more impressed I am with the fact that UGA stayed committed to the run, that they committed so few penalties, and that Shockley and the rest of the team stayed so poised.

Plus, it seemed like there were finally a few good catches made by non-Tight End receivers.


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