Lost: Complete Visual Analysis of Hatch Interior + Maps

Arnezami over at The Lost Forum has gone to great lengths to map out the interior of the hatch, based on visual cues from within this season’s episodes.

The whole work seems very thorough and scholarly so, instead of re-publishing it here, I’ll just link over there. I’m especially impressed by this full map.

PS – I’d love to see actual production diagrams and schematics used in the show’s production on the Season 2 DVD set. Since I don’t own Season 1 on DVD, I don’t know how much of this kind of information was included.

Ideally, we’d get something like the Entertainment Weekly plane seating chart in an electronic format. FWIW.

And if you’re as much of a Lost fanatic as I am (would you be reading this otherwise?), I’m still selling Dharma Initiative T-shirts.

[Via BWE]

UPDATE: TV Squad links to another blog with better hatch diagrams.

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