Lost: … and Found

Tonight’s episode of Lost, … and Found, focused mainly on the survivors of the tail-end of the plane and, in flashback, on the first meeting of Jin and Sun. I thought it was a good episode for setting up the eventual meeting of the two “tribes” of survivors.

My three main points to ponder:

  1. How did Locke learn to release his anger, to let go and just “be”?
    Why did he stop searching for meaning and then find it? I want more back story and flashbacks.
  2. Did Ethan have shoes on?
    I know he hasn’t appeared since last season, but if Ethan really were one of the “others,” wouldn’t he have been barefoot? Maybe he really is the original hatch-mate of Desmond? Anyone have the DVDs so they can confirm/deny Ethan’s choice (or lack thereof) of footwear?
  3. Is Jin learning English really quickly?
    Having never been so totally immersed in another culture or language, I have no way to tell whether or not Jin’s progress is typical or not. Nathan, my cousin who lives in Japan and learned the language in a similar fashion, might be able to tell us. Is roughly 50 days too soon to start speaking so coherently in a foreign tongue? Oh, and will we see Jin speaking English like he did in Hurley’s dream, or was that event just a red herring?

That’s my list. Got an answer of something to add? Leave a comment.

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6 thoughts on “Lost: … and Found

  1. Jen W. says:

    On the shoes: The Podcasting guys over at LostCast seem to think the shoeless people we saw were not the same people who kidnapped Walt. These shoeless people seem like natives – perhaps descendants of the Black Rock crew? The people on the boat seem like they would wear shoes. So it leaves us to ponder – which mystery group represents the “Others?”

  2. Kerri says:

    Somehow I just don’t think the feet we saw walking past Jin and Echo represent ALL the “Others”. I agree that they’re not the same type of people who kidnapped Walt (i.e. clothed, in a boat with guns). However, we still don’t have a lot of detail about the type of horrible things these “Others” are capable of. There are definitely more people tormenting the Lost survivors and I’m not so sure the “Others” are the worst of them.

  3. as far as the language adoption rates, it really depends. in general though 50 days is about as long as it should take you to be able to communicate. You should have the very basic structure of the language down, you should know common nouns, et al. but, then again, it highly depends on the person. Some people have the ability to assimilate language VERY easily from immersion while being unable to book learn it (that’s me) and some people have serious difficulties learning though immersion while they can easily learn from a book/book-on-tape.
    In general, Jin’s progress is not spectacular, if anything I would catagorise it as a little slow ( a little ).

  4. I’m currently living in Gansu China, totally immersed in chinese culture, there’s not a single westerner for miles around and it takes 7 hours to reach the nearest city on a bus.

    Jin’s english is coming along normally, ive been here for about 2 months and I’m blending in with society pretty well, that’s without any sort of lessons at all, and very little ammount of people speak english, soi’ve gotta learn and get by.

    To be honest Jin is learning it quite quickly, think about the ammount of time he’s actually been learning, for the first few weeks he isolated himself from everyone. Jin’s english is coming along pretty well, he’s understanding what alot of people are saying.

    I think there’s a small (probably unrealistic) chance we could hear Jin at least having some small conversations in English.

    Only time will tell.

  5. what to comment on this,
    however pressed for time…really wanna write a book about his topic!
    Jin, sure he is learning a bit of English…however his Korean roots seem to be holding him back. Ahhh…I gotta run!

  6. Jessica says:

    Ethan was not wearing shoes…when watching the show, I thought that it was odd that he was walking around barefoot in the woods, but I did not make the connection to the Others.

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