So help me God, the first person that comes up to me on Monday (or Sunday for that matter) and talks about what a great game today’s edition of the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party was is going to get my foot shoved so far up their ass they’ll have toes for teeth (thank you, Everybody Hates Chris).

To say that I’m upset over the loss would be the understatement of the millenium.

The Dawgs, especially Tereshinki, played their hearts out, especially in the second half.

But the story of the game was Brandon Coutu. His normally sure foot was errant in the swirling winds of Alltel Stadium and his two missed field goals proved to be the difference.

Could we have hit Leak more? Sure.

Could we have dropped a few less passes? Definitely.

But when all is said and done, our most reliable points-scorer left points on the field.

Sure, one kick was from 52 yards, but it had the distance.

Today just wasn’t our day. And, honestly, outside the first quarter, it wasn’t Florida’s day either.

I honestly thought we’d come back and win this one. I truly believed we’d win the battle and go undefeated into our test against a very good Auburn team.

I’ll just be thankful to get to Atlanta for the SEC Championship game. Anything to stop those bastard, motherfucking, asshole Gators from sullying the Georgia Dome with their swamp stink.

For tonight, hats off to the Gators on a begrudgingly-gifted victory. But the first orange a blue lizard to say a word gets his ass handed to him.



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