The Dark Crystal: Original, Sequel and Prequel

John Kenneth Muir had a great post on his Cult Movie Blog yesterday concerning The Dark Crystal. My favorite quote, the one that made me post today, the one I agree with wholeheartedly:

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this film is that each of these creations had to actually exist to be filmed. By that, I mean they weren’t created by a few keystrokes on a computer and then added to a live-action sequence later on. These things – the denizens of this unique world – had to be designed and built. They had to be a real physical presence on the set. They had to be puppeteered, wrangled and managed for the camera. Really, when you pause to think about what that means, you can detect what a labor of love this film must have been.

The Dark Crystal was one of my favorite movies as a child. A staple of HBO and the rental counter, so I apologize for not sharing the following news: there is a new Dark Crystal movie in the works. The film we be a sequel to the original.

The film will combine live-action animatronic characters with CG animation. Like its predecessor, the film hopes to push the boundaries of puppetry, special effects, and visual story-telling.

Additionally, there will be a “prequel” animated series on Cartoon Network.

The Dark Crystal!

Dark Crystal

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