A mid-afternoon’s bowl

We went to the bowling alley for a co-worker’s birthday this afternoon. $9.50 bought us shoe rental, two games of bowling and a “lunch special” (cheeseburger & coke).

Express Lanes Bowling in midtown rocks, by the way. Nothing but 70’s and 80’s on the jukebox. There’s just something thrilling and inspiring about bowling to old school Michael Jackson and Rush.

For those of you that are curious, I bowled a 124 in the first game and a 103 in the second. I came in third and fifth, respectively against my other 9 co-workers.

Not shabby, but not that hot either. Had Jenn been there, she’d have creamed me (she’s a phenomenal bowler).

If I’d have been truly bold, I’d have kept the shoes. Still a ton of fun though.

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