Lost Dharma Initiative T-Shirts now available in black

The Lost Dharma Initiative T-shirts I’ve been selling are now availiable in black.

Lost Dharma Initiative black t-shirt

Well, it will be for sale just as soon as Cafe Press gets it’s act together. For the life of me I can’t figure why the shirt isn’t “on sale” yet.

Still, if you want one, I’ve got it if you don’t mind waiting.

Soon, soon.

UPDATE: They’re officially for sale now. Have at them!

14 thoughts on “Lost Dharma Initiative T-Shirts now available in black

  1. Lost Dharma Initiative T-Shirts

    Buy a Lost Dharma Initiative T-Shirt from me!
    Impress your friends with your topical coolness!
    Enjoy the meme while it lasts!
    Get ‘em while they’re hot (or before I get a Cease and Desist letter from a Disney lawyer).

    Dharma Initiati…

  2. laney says:

    Yah…Cafepress doesn’t have their act together yet with the black shirts. Try Zazzle though – you can already design and actually order on black shirts. Much better.

  3. Tim says:

    hey, are those shirts really how they are on the website?(cafepress) or are they shown on there without the dharma symbol incase disney sees it? e-mail me back, cause damn do i want one of those.

  4. S. Kamin says:

    I’d like to order a black t-shirt (does the Dharma logo appear on the front AND the numbers on the back?), but what is the price, shipping/handling charge, etc.?

    Please, email me the info. Thanks, in advance !

  5. S. Kamin says:

    Still waiting for a reply regarding the t-shirt design (Dharma logo on front and “numbers” on back), color choices, prices, etc. !!!

    What’s up ?

    How do we order them ?

    Please, let me know some facts. THANKS !!!

  6. Aidan shaw says:

    i am a big big big big bbbbbbiiiiiigggggg fan of lost and i would love to have shirt of lost dharma initiative logo of the swan, and if you have any other things saleling that have to do with lost i’d love to hear about it. keep in touch


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