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Here’s my not-so-complete list of all the cool Atlanta bloggers (Actually it was APWBWGTTD – Atlanta People With Blogs Who Get Together To Drink) I met and drank with at last night’s Festivus celebration (and airing of grievances)

Dave –
Duane –
Mark –
Barry –
Tony –
Lori –
Daniel –
Paulie –
Maigh –
Greg –

I had a really excellent time quaffing pints (Sweetwater 420 & Sweetwater Festive Ale, of course) and just chatting with some truly excellent people. I’m not sure the amalgamation of folks would have gotten together were it not for beer, blogs and that Festivus pole, so good on ya!

I’d reveal everyone’s grievances and recount the feats of strength, but I honestly don’t remember a single one save a clanking of glasses as all present admitted that their mothers drove them to drink and raucous laughter that a blogger, who shall remain nameless, was told by eHarmony that he had no match. Seriously.

My apologies if I’ve left off your name or blog – I’ve asked Lori for the complete list. Great drinking and grieving with you.


UPDATE: You can now see a full list of the blogger attendees on Flickr as well as a photoset of the event.

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