TiVo embraces Videoblogging

So word on the street is that TiVo is going to extra special lengths to make their non-DirecTV series 2 boxes (like the one I own) do incredible things. I t seems they just woke up to the fact that those of us who have these awesome machines have connected them not only to our TV viewing habits, but also our home PCs (with photos, movies and rss feeds) but also our broadband internet connection. It’s the perfect conduit for making the TiVo into something more akin to a Media Center PC than just a cool, silver box.

The latest development in this forward-thinking technology adoption-fest is TiVo offering Videoblog content through TiVo boxes, most notably Rocketboom (TiVo Community has details). For those not in the know, Rocketboom is the Daily Show/Colbert Report of videoblog content. It’s a brief, humorous “newscast” produced in an NYC loft with equipment anyone could buy, a hip attitude and a DIY ethos. In short, it’s the videoblog that was/is/will be the model for that community.

Other bloggers have taken note as well, and are equally impressed at this development.

What a boon for regular folks! All you need is the will to create your vision, a domain name and video camera! We could all be the next Rocketboom, spreading our message far and wide, even directly in the living rooms of America via TiVo!

Is this the new way media companies, independent producers and just plain folks change television? If Bryan Singer can “vodcast” about the new Superman movie directly onto a TV screen without the help of an ad buy or an MTV Movie Special, what does that even mean?

Is distribution via TiVo, or merely via vlog, a viable method for getting folks to view your content? How will you make money off of this, and do you even want to? There are just so many cool scenarios that might now play out, it makes me excited to work with one foot in the TV industry and the other in the internet. Interesting times, indeed.

Heck, if I get inspired and start a vlog, I may just have to submit it to TiVo for inclusion. Or send them my cousin Nate’s excellent vlog: Bicycle Sidewalk.

[Via PVRWire]

2 thoughts on “TiVo embraces Videoblogging

  1. Hey, that would be great if I could get on TiVo!!
    I am heard about it a few days ago…just too busy with work and school…
    Anyhow thanks for the link love!!
    I will have to include (say something about your site in my vlog soon!)

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