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I don’t have a nifty screengrab or Flickr set to show you, but Jenn and I did sit down last night and watch the first two “episodes” of Rocketboom on TiVo (Dec. 19th and Dec. 20th). If I’m feeling motivated and/or ironic, I’ll snap a photo of Amanda’s self-referential post on TiVo tonight. You know you want it.

PVR Wire was reporting last week that the roll-out of Rocketboom on TiVo had been delayed (insider comment) because the Rocketboom crowd wanted to be able to provide the highest quality content. From what I saw (again, photo soon) it looked better (if a bit shakier) than my normal standard def broadcast (cable) TV. Is an HD version of Rocketboom far off (or in the works)?

Finally, since I’m hijacking PVR Wire’s thunder, have a look at the following article on Rocketboom, TiVo and the future of broadband TV. Money quote(s):

But I predict that the video blog — in short or long form — will find its ultimate home in new Broadband-enabled TVs and set-tops, such as the new TiVo DVR. With Broadband TV, a viewer could choose from thousands of programs, such as video blogs, old TV shows and new movies. Then, after making his/her choice, the viewer could download the video and watch it on a big screen.

With Internet TV, television will go from being a convenience store to a giant supermarket. The viewer will scan the aisles for interesting programming, whether it’s from a well-known network or someone’s apartment in New York (Rocketboom). Much like today’s World Wide Web, Internet TV will give an equal opportunity to
the big and the small. Of course, the established media will always have an advantage due to marketing muscle and recognition factor. But they will have to work harder to keep their spot in the viewer’s mind.

Makes you wonder if some big player in the television space (broadcast or cable) will start vlogging. I plead the fifth. 😉

Rocketboom-y/TiVo-y graphical goodness soon, I promise – just like this one.

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