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Any pointers on how I should deal with this Hunyak?

He’s stolen an entire post of mine, with little credit and no back-link to the original post, and I have no way to contact him. He’s opted out of including a Blogger profile and there’s no email address listed on the blog.

Granted this isn’t as egregious as stealing my entire feed – or someone like ATLBloggers republishing my feed with my permission (I joined the site, essentially opting in) – but it still sucks. Others, like A-listers Steve Rubel and Om Malik, face this problem of “blog plagiarism” and “blog theft” daily. I can’t just opt out of this guy doing what he’s doing.
How should I proceed? Ask to be taken off entirely? Request a link back to my main page and the original post? Be thankful more folks are reading my words?

Whom should I contact? Google? Blogspot? A shot in the dark Hotmail/Gmail address?

Please help me make up my own damn mind.

UPDATE: Tony correctly points out in the comments that I am getting a reciprocal link from this guy, but I swear it wasn’t there before. Still, I’d love it if he’d email me so we can discuss the ethical/legal/personal issues involved in republishing my work.

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  1. It looks like the title-under-the-title links to your original entry. Does it not?

    That is still shady, however. You should probably hire some goons.

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