Sugar Bowl Recap

Now that I’m more than 24 hours away from being Sugar Bowled, I think I can offer a fair assessment of UGA’s play. In a phrase: too little too late. Granted, it was a 35-10 run to close the game, but when you’re already down by 4 TDs that equals a 3-point loss.

My apologies for the math. No more of that.

No amount of ruminating on statistics could overwhelm the one deciding factor: heart. Sure, UGA came back valiantly – and for that I commend them (lesser teams wouldn’t have bothered to show up at all once they got down 28-0) – but WVU wanted this game more from the outset. I’m fairly certain that White and Slaton are still running, possibly all the way from Atlanta to Athens just to rub it in.

Seriously, WVU had the talent and the confidence to come out and just execute all night. UGA had to find themselves and self-discovery is not a victorious act when the other guy scores 4 times and forces 2 turnovers first – that’s survival.

But I’m glad we made some effort. Still, the outcome and the emotion was just like the Auburn game to me. I felt like we played well enough to win (despite the start) and I had to sit in absolute agony as the clock ticked down to our loss.

Getting beat is one thing, but having to sit on your hands without giving your offense the opportunity to win in the end is another thing entirely. It was a depressing, sobering moment in the Miller house, but all congratulations to West Virginia. They wanted it more, possibly to prove themselves (and inpired by those trapped miners), and they deserved to win congratulations.

Maybe next year, Dawg fans.

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