Daily del.icio.us posts

Gone are the daily del.icio.us posts.

I didn’t like them all that much, but I’m a sucker for more blog posts/content which (should) lead to more traffic.

Plus, both of the WordPress plugins I had were for shit and I needed a way – aside from the nav link – of sharing all the stuff I del.icio.us.

That’s right, I’ve replaced “bookmark” in my websurfing vocabulary with del.icio.us, which I pronounce “delicious”. Could you imagine saying those “dots” every time? No way.

So now I’ve got this cool little piece of JavaScript from the del.ico.us folks themselves which will pull in the links to the side of the blog. Sweet. Now if I could just get the links to stop messing with the layout, I’d feel better. CSS, here I come!

Of course, if you’re reading this blog via RSS you’re probably missing out, but then, you’re all subscribed to my del.icio.us links, right?


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