Statler & Waldorf: Trailer Commercial

I’m a big fan of Disney’s decision to use Statler & Waldorf to review films on I’ve blogged about their exploits several times in the past few months, highlighting my joy that more folks are seeing Muppets despite the fact that multiple performers inhabit the roles. Whatever. Read those posts if you feel the need for backstory.

So this afternoon before we saw The Family Stone, Jenn and I saw one of those commercials prior to the trailers featuring Statler & Waldorf in support of their gig on Statler & Waldorf: From The Balcony. The spot included a healthy dose of their “balconisms” taking on such topics as sequels (“I didn’t even like the first one.”). The bit ended with a “no comment” from the old coots when they were asked to comment on pre-show commercials. Very Funny.

I’m no expert, but I think exposing the Muppets to a movie-going audience who haven’t seen them in a while is great for the movies and the Muppets. Their style of humor and presentation is sorely missed (at least by me) and I was happy, for once, to see an ad at the theatre. It got a good chuckle from Jenn and I and reminded me to subscribe to their podcast/vlogcast feed in iTunes so I won’t miss any more reviews.

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