Of Hazelnuts and Milk Chocolate

Even though the holidays are over, my penchant for overindulgence and sweet snacking continues unabated. We have so much leftover food, candy, sweets and snacks that it’s hard to classify all the “secret eating” and munching I’ve been doing in the new year.

Lately though, I’ve found a common thread: chocolate confections mingled with the goodness of hazelnuts. Below are three recent examples of my nutty, chocolately eating.

Overall, I liked the Rocher the best because they’re a melange of a couple of different styles, flavors and textures. The Marabou bar had the largest chunks of nuts (think Hershey with Almonds) and the specialty bar from Chocolate Bar NYC and Yoyamart was the smoothest of the bunch.

There you have it. Chocolate and Hazelnut, two tastes that … you know the rest.

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