Bluetooth headset

I got a bluetooth headset, the Motorola Bluetooth® Headset HS815, from my in-laws for Christmas. My (now) crappy Sony Ericsson T610 has bluetooth and I wanted the ability to talk hands-free and annoy other human beings all in one device. Problem solved!

So I think the thing works great, but I have a few gripes:

  1. Low ringer volume
  2. I’ve successfully turned up the receiving volume, but I can’t change the ringing volume for the life of me. And why doesn’t it play my ringtones in my ear?

  3. No signal strength indicator
  4. Likely a phone issue, but I’d like a tool (on my phone) that showed how strong the bluetooth signal was between phone and headset.

  5. One-touch calling
  6. Still a mystery to me, but I haven’t read the entire manual. This ought to be my number one feature, but I was honestly interested in streamlining incoming calls.

Obligatory pics of me wearing the damn thing as compared to Lt. Uhura from the original Star Trek:

Bluetooth and Beard


Happy cellphoning!

3 thoughts on “Bluetooth headset

  1. I’ll try my best. My brother read me the riot act for bowing to new technology and the pressure of bad behavior in communal environments.

    I gave him the “not now” sign as I was on the phone at the time. 😉

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