Emily’s Reasons Why

So I’m no big fan of Heather Graham, but I hate to see people fail so quickly at something. Her new sitcom, Emily’s Reasons Why Not, got unceremoniously yanked from ABC’s schedule last week and now production has been halted. Sucks to be Heather Graham. Maybe she can guest on Scrubs again!

I digress.

My prescription for solving these kind of embarrassing misfires for new shows, especially mid-season replacements:

  1. Put the shows on iTunes
  2. Whatever you’ve got: pilots before a show airs and all the episodes once a show tanks (and most will). At least you’ll make some money back. Heck, it’s working to make hit shows bigger, it couldn’t hurt a new show.

  3. Put the shows on Google Video
  4. Google Video is more flexible about pricing (iTunes has a rigid cost structure for video) and you could always give some of the episodes (again, pilots) away for free. Think of it as a broader test audience. It worked (in theory) for Everybody Hates Chris.

  5. Simultaneous release
  6. Mark Cuban is trying it with movies, why not do the same with TV? Release the DVD box set (or maybe just weekly episodes) at the same time they premiere on the air. Same idea applies to VOD. Out there, I know, but it’s a new idea.

So maybe my ideas won’t be the Future of TV, but they just might save a show or two (or broaden it’s popularity). Who knows? But I think someone should try.

If not for me, for Heather Graham. Think of Heather Graham! Won’t anyone care about poor Heather Graham?!

3 thoughts on “Emily’s Reasons Why

  1. Josh says:

    Although I find sympahty for Rollergirl, they should have known that any show scheduled to go up against a returning 24 on Fox and Mr. Denise Richards on CBS would have problems.

    Since most of the good shows are now on basic or pay cable channels, why not shuffle it over to ABC Family? I believe Monk did so well on USA that they ran it a few times on network TV.

    Oh well, all TV will be a la carte in 15 years anyway.

  2. No More Reasons For Emily……

    Heather Graham’s new TV show “Emily’s Reasons Why Not” gets ditched after 1 episode. Ouch! Yet they continue to make junk like “ake In Progress, ” “Freddie” and “Crumbs” so go figure…


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