TBS Dept. of Humor Analysis: Eva Glass

So I’ve embarked on a new journey today, a journey in the world of Google Video.

I successfully convinced some folks at work to let me put up one of our “viral” spots for the TBS Dept. of Humor Analysis – Eva Glass – on Google Video to see what would happen. I’m not expecting the earth to move, but the video does include a link to the TBS Humor Study site, which contains even more of the viral videos, games and the humor study itself. All very flashy and very funny.

Heck, if the response is good for this video, I have others we may distribute in this way. I’m including the video in this post for the lazy and for my own education surrounding the new “Put on site” feature of Google Video. It’s got narration by John Cleese, so you don’t have to work too hard for your entertainment.

What do you think? Is this the kind of content you would expect to see on Google Video? Certainly some commercial (promo) content is available there, alongside user-generated content, pirated content and pay-to-play content.

If you had seen this content somewhere else would you have submitted it to Google Video? Lemme know in the comments.

3 thoughts on “TBS Dept. of Humor Analysis: Eva Glass

  1. Not too shabby… I’ve recently fallen in love with Google Video but not because of the commercial conent, but because of the public stuff. People make random shit with camcorders… and it’s not all porn!

  2. Not google related, but muppetlike and definitely video related…

    You may find the short movie sacraligious but I think its lovely.


  3. For… the… love… of… God… will you please convince someone to put up the full TBS humor alaysis video online. I saw it during one of those insufferable “The 20” style pre-movie “entertainment” sections and I thought it was riotous (far better than the movie I ended up seeing). I’m not about to take my friends and family to the movie theater to see a 3 minute commercial, no matter how funny it is, but I’ve been looking and looking for that extended video for a long time and can’t find it.

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