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Jenn and I are now big fans of Grey’s Anatomy and next week’s post-Super Bowl episode looks like a doozy. Intrigue, danger, adventure and what the hell is “Code Black”!

In the course of my growing fandom over this show, it’s cool to note that ABC runs 3 separate blogs in support of the show. One is a behind-the-scenes blog where writers on the show share their thoughts and insights into each episode. It’s called Grey Matter and it’s great. Basically we get episode-by-episode rundowns from inside the writers’ room. Coincidentally, the first blog publishing tool I used on this site was called Grey Matter.

The other two blogs are character-centered blogs written in the voice and point of view of a recurring character on the show. One is The Emerald City Bar written by Joe the Bartender and the other is The Nurse’s Station (“Debbie Does Seattle Grace”) written by one of the nurses, I’m not really sure which one (which is quite sexist and anti-nurse of me, considering last night’s episode was all about the nurses strik). They’re both OK, I suppose, but the real meat is the writers’ blog. Good stuff.

You can subscribe to the feeds of all 3 blogs, which look to be TypePad blogs and do accept comments. Again, Grey Matter is the most active of all three.

Enjoy and get ready for some more doctor fun as the Super Bowl and sweeps period approach.

Oh, and congratulations to Sandra Oh on her SAG Award last night. Well deserved.

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  1. OMG, we were like that too when the preview came on… “what is a code black?”

    we even rewatched the preview in slow motion is it was quick cuts mostly

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