Spot Me A Fiver – The Meme

After yesterday’s “Four” meme post, I’m following that up with a Fiver from Bill.

What Were You Doing 10 Years Ago?

Slogging my way through my Sophomore year at UGA. I had just started the application process to become an Orientation Leader, I’d been dating Jenn for a couple of months and I was still really freaked out about my dad’s attempted suicide. I guess my folks would have just recently moved to (or decided to) Wisconsin. Things were good, in a way. They’d only just gotten complicated.

What Were You Doing 1 Year Ago?

Trying to convince myself that 215 wasn’t fat enough to go on a diet. I hit 230 this year and I realize my procrastination cost me.

Five Snacks You Enjoy

  1. Peanut M&Ms
  2. Beer
  3. Cashews/Pistatchios/Almonds/Peanuts
  4. Pringles
  5. Chex Mix

Five Songs To Which You Know All The Lyrics

  1. Girlfriend, Matthew Sweet
  2. One, U2
  3. A Million Ways, Ok Go
  4. Nightswimming, REM
  5. Sympathy for the Devil, Rolling Stones

Five Things You Would Do If You Were A Millionaire

  1. Buy an island and live there
  2. Pay off debts
  3. Get back into comic book collecting
  4. College funds for all our children (even those who aren’t born yet)
  5. An updgraded wedding ring for Jenn

Five Bad Habits

  1. Incessantly messing with my facial hair
  2. Walking away from Jenn while she’s still talking to me
  3. Not listening to Raelyn when she talks in the car
  4. Talking during TV shows
  5. Cracking my knuckles

Five Things You Would Never Wear Again

  1. “KangaROOS” shoes – the ones with the zippered/velcro pouch on the side
  2. Tighty whities
  3. Argyle socks
  4. Umbro shorts
  5. Ralph Marlin ties

Five Favorite Toys

  1. Lego Bionicles
  2. Transformers
  3. the original NES
  4. Lazer Tag
  5. Rubik’s Magic Puzzle

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I’m not “tagging” anyone. Just pick it up and run with it.

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