So I read a blurb in Giant magazine about the band (not the condition) Morningwood and I got their self-titled album. Great songs, especially the catchy single Nth Degree, which I’d heard on the radio but never connected the dots.

Anyhow, while I was listening to the album on iTunes this morning I decided to surf on over to their official site and found this image/badge for your blog:

Technically it was designed with MySpace in mind, but it’ll work on any blog. Plus, I dig the whole “Tittie Tag” line since Jenn and I wathced Related last night and “Ass Boobies” was the faux-Tourette’s word of the night. Random.

Long story short: listen to/purchase Morningwood’s CD. It’s good.

They’ve also got a blog, if you’re into that kind of thing. Hell, it’s Valentine’s Day, so I’ll even link to their ecard. Finally, if you’re a pervert, you can play their Morningwood Wet T-Shirt Contest!! (flash game w/ soundtrack).

More sexual innuendo, double entendre and plain, simple sophomoric humor than you can shake a stick at today. Oh well. Enjoy.

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