To TiVoRoll or not

Since I’m one of your geekier types, I’m seriously considering doing this whole “TiVoRoll” thing that PVRWire mentioned last week. See, has one of those nifty how-to articles on building a TiVoRoll for those DIY-inclined folks like myself.

Obligatory excerpt:

Let’s say that your TiVo’s IP address is To see its web server’s home page, point a browser on one of your home network’s machines to (Remember to make it https and not http, which will give you a screen that tells you nothing about what you have on your TiVo.) You may get a dialog box saying “Web Site Certified by an Unknown Authority” and one saying “Domain Name Mismatch,” and then you’ll be prompted for a username and password. Your username is “tivo”, and your password is the MAC ID that you copied from your TV screen when you got the TiVo’s IP address. The default web page redirects your browser to, which summarizes the shows you have recorded

I’m just geeky enough to find out the not-so-surprising information that my TiVo has a webserver running on it exciting.

The rest of the article is very technical and involves running a Linux shell script on a server to grab the XML from your TiVo, process it via an XSLT stylesheet and FTP the whole thing to your domain. Too much damn work (and TLAs) for me. If, however, I get bored one day, I’ll let you know.

Now if TiVo Desktop provided a similar function that I could natively run on my PC, I’d be in business. Any enterprising TiVo HME developer care to smash up some APIs with the SDK and build something cool for the community? Anyone?

In the meantime you’ll just have to settle for my infrequent television viewing updates. Deal.

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