Addicted to Lost

This post is for all the Lost fans going through withdrawal this week. All the folks who’ll have to suffer through American Idol or Winter Olympics coverage.

Here is a fan-made promo Superbowl ad from ABC for Lost which combines footage (mostly chronological) from the first two seasons with “Addicted to Love” by Robert Palmer. The result is “Addicted to Lost” [Via MyExBestFriend]:

HEADPHONE WARNING: The audio is nearly deafening, especially the dialogue in the beginning.

6 thoughts on “Addicted to Lost

  1. you know what really sucks? After next weeks episode we have to wait a whopping 5 weeks for the next new one… but at least then it’s a solid run to the season finale

  2. Thanks for the hook-up. I read the AJC article on you this weekend and being a Lost fan checked you out the other day. Great stuff! I saw that commercial during the Superbowl and absolutely loved it! Keep up the great work! I’m a recent transplant to Atlanta, lots of great blogs coming out of here!

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