A chat in Gmail

So Google has bundled their Google Chat instant message software with their popular mail client, Gmail, so now you can easily chat with your “buddies” even if you don’t have GTalk up an running. That’s exactly what happened to me this morning when my cousin Nathan IM’d me from Japan:

8:10 AM Nathan: you are online now?
  if this is going to your gmail account thingy
  I dont like that, because it sucks
8:11 AM I am guessing you are at work?
  I am home, got a jabber thing working in iChat
  you were in my buddy list
  I am going back to America next week...
8:12 AM fuuuu...honestly, don't want to go!!!
 me: no, I'm at home
 Nathan: ahhh
 me: for about an hour before I go to work
 Nathan: heading to workd
 me: soon
 Nathan: ahh
  I see
8:13 AM me: we run late here
 Nathan: are you in the gmail...via the browser
 me: no worries - it's tv
  yep, in Firefox
 Nathan: doesnt it suck
  I hate it
 me: not really
  the chat app looks nice
 Nathan: I have the iChat jabber thing working
 me: cool
 Nathan: really
  maybe the windows thing is cool
8:14 AM me: it's very simple and sparse
  rounded edges
  very "Mac"
 Nathan: the pop up in the browser
 me: yep
 Nathan: is yuck to me
 me: could be worse
  different strokes
 Nathan: true
  I am giong to be in NC next week
 me: killer
 Nathan: 9 thur 19
 me: yeah
8:15 AM we'd love to see you
 Nathan: 9 and 10 busy
  12 sunday I will be in South Carolina
  seeing Grandparents
 me: SC is closer
 Nathan: Myrt Beach
 me: fun
 Nathan: I want to talk to you about vloggin
8:16 AM g
 me: please do
  I'm trying to start that vlog @ work
  not going so hot
  bought some software
  have a webcam
 Nathan: my stuff might be on an Aussie TV station 2 times a month!
 me: done some ruff stuff
 Nathan: yeah VlogIT
 me: Australian TV
 Nathan: yeah, they called me
 me: you're already "internet famous"
8:17 AM Nathan: said I have a very relaxed way of showing japan
 me: I was in an article in the Atlanta paper last week
  yeah, you do
 Nathan: true, I might be paying dreamhost soon
 me: you make me want to visit Japan
 Nathan: I heard I heard
 me: That's so exciting for you
  Aussie TV
8:18 AM WOW!
 Nathan: yeah, I am meeting the Aussie girl on Monday
  she happens to be in Fukuoka to 4 days!
  I will let you know
 me: please do
 Nathan: it will only up the production of Bicycle
 me: no kidding
 Nathan: which is a part time job in itseld
  but I love it
8:19 AM me: i can only imagine
  it shows
  your love, i mean, it's apparent
 Nathan: anyhow, what is you tele?
  on a side note....buy a mac!!!
8:20 AM me: convincing Jenn to get a Mac
 Nathan: however, that new mini wont run FCP
  is the way to go
 me: my cell: xxx.xxx.xxxx
  good advice
 Nathan: got it
  I love my iMac to death
  and I work it to death!!
 me: yeah, i'm close to a purchase
  my old PC is dying
8:21 AM Nathan: you will be in heaven
 me: I may try to hold out until my bday in October
 Nathan: mac paradise
 me: ha!
 Nathan: yeah
 me: ok
  gotta go
 Nathan: apple is sneaking
 me: Jenn is calling me
 Nathan: great chatting
 me: help Rae get ready for schoot
 Nathan: peace
 me: you too!

Did you catch the big announcement buried in my long, boring conversation? Nate’s vlog is going to be a recurring feature on some Australian TV network!

He’s in the States soon and we’re going to try and get together to chat in person about Vlogs, blogs, Japan, Macs and beer. Or maybe we’ll just drink the beer!

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