Bill’s 34th birthday bash

Jenn & I enjoyed a great meal and great company on Saturday night as a part of a celebration of my friend & co-worker Bill‘s 34th birthday.

We gorged ourselves (at least I did) on spiced, skewered meats from Sal Grosso. Then we worked off the calories with some late-night air guitar shredding courtesy of Guitar Hero. I may not be able to beat Jenn, but my heavy metal grimace and hair band swagger put everyone else to shame.

That or they were extremely embarrassed. One or the other.

Since I had never eaten the Churrascaria/Gaucho style of Brazilian Steakhouse, here’s my list of suggested “improvements”:

  1. Label the skewers
  2. The website does a good job of describing the menu, with pictures, but given the accents of the gauchos and the similarity of the skewers, a handy reference guide or namecards would have helped immensely.

  3. Stagger the servers
  4. I thought the initial rush of gauchos and skewers was incredibly overwhelming. If I said “no” I felt like I might not have a second chance to get a particular cut of meat. And without the aid of a menu, how could I ask for something I’d missed?

  5. More explanation
  6. One of the reasons I love going to Hibachi/Japanese restaurants is the pageantry and the explanations of the chef. Sure, it’s mostly incomprehensible, but I love it. The gauchos could have talked more about the seasonings and the preparation of the meat. Or the head server could have done the same thing. They brought a display cart for the desserts, but why not the meat? IT was the star!

There you go. Me being nit-picky about a great experience. Never satisfied!

Guitar Hero, by the way, deserves it’s own post on proposed future enhancements. The game is a 10, but it should be an 11. Stay tuned for my thoughts.

A fun night with fun people and fun food. Fun!

2 thoughts on “Bill’s 34th birthday bash

  1. Josh says:

    Wilkerson and I went to Fogo once (I think it was for Beekman’s pesudo-Bachelor party). Anyway, there were 6 of us guys and lets just say the flip cards didn’t see much red that night. I think at one point I caught a couple at the table next to us staring at us carnivores. It was a sight to behold. And no, we did not get tempted by the awesome salad bar (Fogo’s true way to make money – get you filled up so you can’t gorge).

  2. Hey, glad you guys had a great time. They didn’t mention the spices on the meat because there really aren’t any. The Gaucho way is to use only a little sea salt and let the real flavor of the meat come out in cooking. No rub or marinade.

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