EvokeTV vs TiVoRoll

So, I could try to implement a TiVoRoll [blogged here] or I could use some of EvokeTV’s more instantaneous, pre-rolled features. Below is a sampling of the drop-in javascripts that EvokeTV creates based on television data you supply via your profile.

My Favorite Shows:

Today’s Viewing Schedule:

What I’m Watching Right Now:

Which would you use (service and/or features)?

For me, it’s likely EvokeTV, though the actual items I’ll choose from the buffet are up for discussion. I can’t indicate what I record (or where – I’ve got two TiVos), but it does let you know what I like.

Once I redesign the blog, organize my sidebar (especially my blogroll) I’ll likely add my TV viewing in there as well.

UPDATE: You really can’t see the output of the EvokeTV stuff via RSS, so check out the site to see what I’m talking about.

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