Peter Stormare “un-pimps” for Volkswagen

Or should I say “Vee Dub”?

Watching the NCCA Tournament late last night, I caught another of VW’s great ads for their GTi Mk V. I’m not talking about the stupid “fast” ads [Via EW’s Popwatch], but the hilarious faux German engineer ads featuring Peter Stormare “un-pimping” previously “pimped” cars.

You know the ones. Tall, blond man and woman, both in white labcoats mocking some hapless poser with a tricked-out Honda Civic. The kind of driver and car combination you’d probably spot at the mall or your local Nopi store.


The subsequent mash-up of pop culture phrases (“Wazzup”/”In Da House”/”Oh, Snap”) and destructive put-downs makes me smile, inside and out.

I truly believe in this caricature of the meticulous and mean German engineer thumbing his nose at American culture, all the while giving us the superior quality automotive product.

It does what an ad should do: it makes me want to buy a VW.

Here are the ads in all their glory, for those that want to see for themselves [Via Leftlane News]:

Volkswagen: Un-pimp Your Ride I: Jason

Volkswagen: Un-pimp Your Ride II: Mike

Volkswagen: Un-pimp Your Ride III: Trey

I honestly haven’t seen the third ad on tv, but it’s the best one. Stormare’s joy at destroying the car is palpable. They really do make me want to buy a VW.

I don’t know if I’m in the target (or if I’m too old or too young), but I dig the sentiment. I’d need a bigger car, but this is the attitude I’d want to portray: smarter, funnier and better than the posers.

Vee Dub In Da House, Yo!

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