Five things I currently have no intention of doing

Spurred on by Merlin’s list of Five things I currently have no intention of doing, here’s a brief list of my own:

Five things I currently have no intention of doing:

  1. enjoying Celine Dion’s music
  2. acknowledging George W. Bush as a human being, let alone the President
  3. working past the age of 55
  4. watching 24, American Idol, The O’Reilly Factor or anything else remotely related to Fox
  5. finishing another one of these damn lists

Sorry for the political and bile bent, but this idea seemed funnier when I bookmarked it. I guess I don’t have the chops for 5ives or McSweeney’s.


UPDATE: Family Guy is the exception that proves the rule above. Oh, and very apropos, McSweeney’s newest list: Parallels Between My Living Through Two Years of Middle School and the Two Terms of the Bush Presidency.

Maybe I was right all along.

One thought on “Five things I currently have no intention of doing

  1. Josh says:

    Elaborate karaoke signing and political leanings aside, I have to respectfully disagree with you on 24. I think its the best show on TV, and they even have a set up this year that you would appreciate.

    Already this season (Day 5) we have seen the President as very indecisive and failing to work together with the President of another country (Russia) to help stop terrorist activities, the Vice President wielding a bunch of power behind the scenes, and only about 3 other people that have access to the President in matters related to the executive branch. I guess that’s art imitating life.

    Oh, and in this past Monday’s episode the guy that plays Desmond on Lost showed up as a German spy. Guess he made it off the island!

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