Lost: The Whole Truth

Tonight’s episode, The Whole Truth, had a lot of action, leading in to next week’s “five events” episode. Not so much a recap, but my standard thoughts:

  • The Locke/Jack problem
  • In the beginning of the episode, Locke tells Ana Lucia about “my hatch”, “our problem” and “permission” all in relation to Jack. By the end, Henry Gale is playing out his “if I were an other” scenario to my delight and to the consternation of Jack and Locke.

    Here’s the deal. Sooner or later they’re both going to have to acknowledge one another as equals. Separate yet equal. Yin and yang. Light and dark. The prophet and the martyr, to borrow from Henry Gale.

    I’m guessing something forces their hand even more so than it is now.

  • Judy Bloom’s Are you there God? It’s me, Margaret.
  • You tell me what the significance is. I just liked Sawyer’s review: “Predictable. Not nearly enough sex.”

  • The Balloon
  • From the preview, I’d say it’s legit. Still, I think Henry is lying. Why?

    The name of the episode is The Whole Truth. Henry did what he had to do, just like everyone else this episode. Does that mean he’s not an “other”?

    I think he’s lying by omission, but I’d be happy if he weren’t an “other”. Hopefully we’ll find out more next week.

    I think he took a lot of motivation (or saw an opportunity) with Ana’s “I don’t make the same mistake twice” line. I also think Charlie put her in her place with his “Humor’s not his (Sayid) strong suit … and I’m saying this to you” quip. Classic.

  • The Immaculate Conception
  • It just wouldn’t be a proper Lost episode without a very obvious religious reference. This time it’s supposedly sterile Jin impregnating Sun.

    I really thought the secret here was going to be an abortion or an affair. The former boyfriend/hotelier as English teacher was good, though.

    I also liked the garbled gibberish Jin heard as English and his “I love you” to Sun. When is her “whole truth” about learning English and leaving him going to come out? I hope soon.

    Oh, and does anyone have a theory on the significance of “Widmore” the brand name of the pregnancy test? I dug Sun acting suspicious and Hurley acting guilty during their encounter in the jungle.

That’s all for me folks. Next week: same Lost-time, same Lost-channel.

UPDATE: Extra credit if anyone can identify the music Locke was listening to in the hatch or the magazine/book he was reading. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Lost: The Whole Truth

  1. My roommate pointed out that just because there’s a balloon doesn’t make Henry not an “Other”. Any of the Dharma gang could have and probably would have spotted the balloon. The finding or non-finding is a red herring, I’m thinking. That being said, Henry seems to totally be an “Other”. That last bit before the end of the show… I was totally riveted even though I knew they didn’t have time to show us anything happening to Sayid/AL/Chahlie.

    Re: the Hotelier’s son… So you think it’s pretty sure they didn’t have sex? I really hope they didn’t but it’s totally within the parameters of the show to string us along and play with our heads. That look Sun was giving while Jin was hugging her… Not good. But here’s hoping nothing happened!

  2. I think Jin already figured it out on his own that the only reason Sun had to learn English was to be able to get away from him.

    I’m surprised he hasn’t asked her to teach him English yet. Especially since he was frustrated last night that he has nobody else to talk to.

  3. Stacy says:

    As far as the Judy Bloom book is concerned, I think it was just a bit of fun thrown at us. Sawyer is reading a book about a girl’s first period when Sun asks him for a test to see if she’s had her last for while. Seems like irony to me!

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