New Music Tuesday

I had this post half-written on Monday, waiting for Tuesday, but now it’s Friday and you’ve been without new music. Poor baby.

So I’ve got two bands for you. Some combination of old, new, borrowed and blue for your ears.

First, the old and borrowed: The Raconteurs. Think early 80’s alt-pop, a little grunge and Jack White cribbing a Britich accent.


Read some other reviews and give it a listen. Right now they’ve just got a 2-track CD. More to come? Full album in May. Interview on 99x.

I was also happily surprised at a local MySpace band, Holiday Parade, that was on 99x the other day. Jangly pop, but I dug it.

Oh, and if you’re the nefarious type, check out G2P Beta. All the fun of file-sharing using Google and HTTP instead of BitTorrent.

Happy New Music Tuesday Friday!

UPDATE: My buddy Steve just emailed me, not having read the blog entry.

He reccommends Strays Don’t Sleep [MySpace] [Official Site]

The music seems very layered and atmospheric and their CD is accompanied by a DVD of short films. I dig it.

They’ll be in Atlanta on April Fool’s Day.

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