Ok Go: A Million Ways (to be a fan)

Ok Go’s A Million Ways video is easily one of the best, funniest, most viral music videos I’ve seen in a long time. It doesn’t hurt that the song kicks ass as well.

See for yourself:

OK Go – A Million Ways:

The video is so popular and catchy, and Ok Go are bright fellows, that they started a YouTube group where folks share not only footage from Ok Go concerts but also fan-made versions of the A Million Ways dance video.

Here are a few of the best interpretations:

Ray, Jenny, Mairead, and Will from Today FM do the OK Go video:

OK GO A Million Ways Remake:

Every band out there has a MySpace account, but Ok Go are really embracing their fans and the whole user-generated, personalized, people-driven, Web 2.0 thing head-on.

I’ve blogged about their blog and podcast before
, but since then they’ve added the MySpace account, the Flickr group, the YouTube group and they’ve rewarded their fans by involving everyone in the process of Ok Go. Your fandom of them is reflected in their loyalty and acknowledgement of you.

Make a video or snap a pic? – you’ll likely see it recognized by Ok Go and featured on one of their online outlests. That’s the best feeling for a fan, to become part of the band itself.

This is how the best, most successful bands are going to do things going forward. Be great to your groupies and they’ll be great to you.

Happy Friday!

2 thoughts on “Ok Go: A Million Ways (to be a fan)

  1. love me some okgo. always a great show. always a great dance somewhere in the mix. 😉 always been really great to their fans and have a lot of respect in my book for using online communities to extend this even further.

    p.s. you need to see the video of them on the cable access channel in chicago from 98(?). DAMN funny.

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