Lassiter High School on Wikipedia

After listening to Jason Scott’s very well researched philosophical rant about Wikipedia [Via Waxy], I decided to take the plunge and try my hand at creating a new article.

Since I was a band geek in high school (I was Drum Major of my marching band during my senior year), I’d visited the wikipedia entry on Bands of America previously. I noted that no one had created an article on Lassiter High School, my alma mater, so I went to work.

What’s there now is really just a shell, a stub. I took formatting cues from other high school articles and added the history and few relevant links in a manner of minutes.

Given my background, I’m thinking of noting the success of the band program (two-time national champion marching band) and adding in a few more organization links to extracurricular activities, but we’ll see if I have the time.

I’m most curious to see which alumni, administrators or current students edit me.

Viva la wikipedia!

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