I’ve been really impressed by Flickr, if not since the very beginning (when I started a group on RSS & Atom – I thought Flickr was more about a social networking) then definitely in the last year.

My friend and co-worker Bill bought a Pro account for his family right before Yahoo! bought Flickr and was able to give me a free Pro account for one year. I’ve been so pleased with the service, despite the fact that I’ve used it much less than I originally intended, that I renewed the account yesterday, the day the account was set to expire. You can see all my photos here.

Two events should drive my increased usage of Flickr this year: my own digital camera and a new plan on Cingular that will let me upload more pictures from my phone. I’ve had the personal digital camera for a while, but I only recently started keeping it in my bag full time a few months back. And I haven’t actually re-structured my cellphone service, but that will happen this week. I hope to do some regular (daily? weekly?) moblogging both here and on the metroblog at that time.

I just can’t say enough how cool a community and product/service Flickr is. They started small and made the bigtime. Check out the Newsweek article and the blog of one of their founders – good stuff. My brother-in-law was one of the attorneys responsible for working out their contracts after the Yahoo! acquisition, so I heard some good stories, all of which point to a very dedicated, passionate group of people trying to connect other people through photography and technology.

I’m sold.

Plus, getting together with the APWBWGTTD and seeing the photos almost instantaneously really helps bond you to other people in this amazing new way. If I can just get Jenn to get her own account so we could do all of our photo-sharing on Flickr, I’d be all set.

Additionally, I’ll likely add one of the cool Flickr photostream doohickeys to my sidebar when I redesign the site. Don’t hold your breath though.


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